Innovation is one of TNO’s core tasks. TNO has developed many innovative concepts in the field of dust-free tools and sensors. This has resulted in many prototypes for different types of solutions with the central objective of reducing or monitoring exposure to hazardous substances. This guarantees a healthy working environment for employees. Many of these solutions can be found under search tools.

TNO likes to work with market parties for the development of on-tool solutions for tools. The bundling of knowledge and market has proven to be a successful collaboration, which has resulted in effective solutions. TNO has various design tools at its disposal for this, has good test facilities and is happy to make these available to you.

In addition, TNO is working on new technologies and developments, such as sensors and digitization, to make it possible to determine exposure in high resolution in time and place and to make it available in (near) real time. A Virtual Occupational Hygiene Assistant is being developed that will bring personal and automated preventive measures within reach.


TNO would like to collaborate with partners with the aim of making these innovations available “on the market”. Are you interested or have questions? Send an e-mail to

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