Decision support vacuum cleaner

A good vacuum cleaner is essential to minimize exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace. When used correctly, exposure can be reduced up to 1400 times in woodworking and even up to 8,000 times when working concrete and sand-lime. There are many different vacuum cleaners on the market, each with its own specifications, advantages, disadvantages and price. With the information on this page we help you select the right vacuum cleaner for your work.

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Decision support

In the TNO selection table vacuum cleaners (Dutch), specifications are stated and weighed.

  • Operational capacity. The most important factor for effective dust extraction is the operational capacity of the vacuum cleaner. To guarantee this capacity over time, the choice for an automatic filter cleaning is a good choice. Manual cleaning is also effective (three-stage filter systems), but requires attention and discipline from the employee, which does not always go well in daily practice.
  • Use. The choice is also determined by the use: a lot or little dust and long-term or short-term use. Three-stage filter systems are better suited for the capture of a lot of dust (grinding, sawing, grinding, etc.). Battery systems are easy to use for short-term use and for activities such as drilling.
  • Other factors. The choice of a vacuum cleaner is also determined by other factors such as handling, weight and also price.

Pictogram ‘Vacuum cleaner required’

Pictogram can be used in the workplace to give instructions on what measures should be taken. TNO has developed the ‘Vacuum cleaner required’ pictogram. This pictogram represents the mandatory use of vacuum cleaners in a particular workplace. This pictogram fits in with other pictograms that are used in practice such as the obligations for hearing protection, use of helmets, gloves, safety shoes and others.

Download pictogram ‘Vacuum cleaner required’ (jpg)
Download pictogram ‘Vacuum cleaner required’ (png)

You can download the pictogram and apply it within your company. See also the example below.

Voorbeeld van pictogram sotfvrij werken tussen andere pictogrammen voor veilig werken op de bouwplaats