Guidelines use label

TNO has designed two labels to indicate the performance of tested tool systems and vacuum cleaners; the hour label and the ABC/D label. Label use by third parties is subject to a number of rules.

Use hour label

A test of a complete system (tool, extraction accessory, extraction hose and vacuum cleaner) results in a label that indicates how many hours per 8-hour working day that system may be used, without exceeding the Dutch exposure limit value in the breathing zone of the employee.

  • This hour label does not provide information about just a hand tool or just a vacuum cleaner and should never be used to indicate the performance of a single appliance.

Furthermore, when only displaying an hour label in a tool system, too much information is lost that is essential for the creation of the label. Think of essential information such as the material tested, the diameter of the extraction hose used, or the production during the test (for example, number of holes, number of meters). Without this information, the hour label cannot be interpreted correctly. It is therefore not allowed to only publish an hour label with a tool, vacuum cleaner or combination thereof.

  • The hour label may only be published as part of the TNO Newsletter that is drawn up for each tested tool system.
Responsible duration of operation per 8-hour work day: 8 hours

Use ABC/D label

The ABC/D label has been specially designed for industrial vacuum cleaners in order to be able to compare the performance with each other. Information on the creation of this label and how it should be interpreted can be found on the Vacuum Cleaner Classification page.

  • In contrast to the hour label, the ABC/D label may be linked to a single product (vacuum cleaner).
  • An ABC/D label alone is not sufficient to be able to exchange vacuum cleaners with each other. The hour label also has an influence. Because this essential information cannot be incorporated in a label, TNO states that when using the ABC/D label, reference is always made to this website.

The image below shows the label as it may be used in practice. Any other shape is not allowed.

Label Dust Extractor Classification A - for details on this label and its interpretation you are being referred to TNO's website