Health risks

The health risks associated with exposure to hazardous substances are enormous. For this reason, legal limit values ​​have been set in Europe.

Working is healthy. But work can also have adverse health effects. Poor working conditions are responsible for 5% of the total disease burden. for example when occupational exposure limits ​​are exceeded. An important part of this burden of disease is due to exposure to hazardous substances at work. This exposure causes great personal suffering and significant social costs. In the Netherlands, for example, in 2013, 4,100 people died from occupational diseases, of which 2,700 as a result of work-related cancers. Exposure to hazardous substances at work are the culprit here..

White paper ‘Eliminating work-related cancer’ (Dutch)

This white paper sets out TNO’s vision on preventing work-related cancer. First, the scope of the problem and the strategy to tackle it is outlined. Then it is described how these solutions are actually used in an effective way in the company. TNO is convinced that work-related cancer can be significantly reduced in a number of specific sectors through technical solutions. The condition is that these are used everywhere and in the correct way.

Download whitepaper (pdf) (Dutch)